"Not just a list but a discriminating critic's guide to all the ins and outs of awards-giving, complete with... the author's caustic, witty alternative guide to what should have won... It's especially fun to watch him plow through those embarrassing early Oscar winners.”—The Seattle News-Times

The first complete listing of over 20 major film awards—from the Oscars to the Golden Globes, the major critics's prizes that shape the Oscar race, festivals like Cannes and Sundance and even "movie worst" prizes like the Harvard Lampoon's and the Golden Raspberries.

Plus my own cynical and amusing commentary on why what won did, who put the fix in and what should have won, complete with alternate picks for every year since 1927.

Too bad it's out of print. But don't lose hope...

Click here to read a very nice review in The Seattle News-Times, find it below retail at Powell's Books, or e-mail [email protected] for details on how to get an autographed copy direct from me.