Jingle Like a Man

Video Rec-O: Brainy Edition IV

No. 26/Ice Age 2005

Research Proves Research Works

Video Rec-O: Un-Movies

No. 25/Autumnal 2004

Nixon in Adland

Kill Bill's

Video Rec-O: Dye Transfer, Dye!

No. 24/Summer Rerun 2004

TV's Golden Age

Video Rec-O: The First Action Hipster

No. 23/Winter Camp 2004

Stat Trick: Advertising and Moneyball

Video Rec-O: The Followups of the Ring

No. 22/Leafy Brown 2003

One Shot

Avid Writer

Video Rec-O: The World's Turn

No. 21/Sunburnt 2003

Mail Fantasies

Dead Last

Video Rec-O: Ealing Galore!

No. 20/Late (Fee) Spring 2003

Shop Look & Listen

Webb, Master

Video Rec-O: You Look Marvelous

No. 19/Whinter 2003

You Know It

Video Rec-O: Whiter Whites

No. 18/Fowl 2002

Smoke & Minors

Bad Sports

Video Rec-O: Miyazaki World

No. 17/Slummer 2002

That's Mr. Frou Frou To You

Tax Me Please: A Modest Proposal For Spam

Video Rec-O: When Grownups Walked The Earth


No. 16/Sproing 2002

Take Me To A Leader

Video Rec-O: True Movies


No. 15/Snowtime 2002

Working in 3-D

Video Rec-O: Flying Fist of Death Edition


No. 14/Falling 2001

Life Gets Extreme

Attack & Spend

Ask Your Doctor/Out Of My Past

Video Rec-O: Thoroughly Modern Buster


No. 13/Sum-Sum-Summer 2001

Doris Is Done: You Make The Agency Call! plus Award Filler

Video Rec-O: Brainy 3: The Final Chapter


No. 12/Spring-A-Ding 2001

Aspiring Profusely: What We Know About Advertising By Now

Save The Clients!

Video Rec-O: The Tough Guys' Guy


No. 11/Wintry 2001

What I Saw At The E-Volution

Video Rec-O: Sincerest Flatteries


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